Are you new to CrossFit/Functional Fitness? No worries- I was too. But, you have to start somewhere, and if you don’t do it now, you will be older when you do! Try out these three workouts that you can do from home, in a park, garage, wherever. Each one has it’s own stimulus and time domain, which I will explain below.


Workout #1: 

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 of Burpees

2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 of Air Squats

The flow of the workout goes like this: 1 Burpee, 2 Air Squats, 2 Burpees, 4 Air Squats, all the way until you do 10 Burpees and 20 Air Squats. This is a workout that seems like it should be short, but you aren’t half way until you have nearly hit the round of 8. Meaning you need to pick a pace that is consistent and will keep you moving. Look to go under 8 minutes on this workout, but if you really get after it, more like 5 minutes!


Workout #2: 

EMOM 15: 

Minute 1: 20 Jumping Lunges 

Minute 2: 20 Tuck Crunches

Minute 3: 2 Wall Walks 

This is an “EMOM” which means “Every Minute On the Minute”. So the first minute on the clock you will do 20 jumping lunges, which means you are alternating legs each rep, doing 10 per side. When you finish the 20 jumping lunges, rest until the next minute starts, and you will do 20 Tuck Crunches. Then rest until the next minute where you will do 2 Wall Walks, which is walking your feet up the wall from the bottom of a push up position, by pushing through your hands and keeping a tight core until your as vertical as you can comfortably get, then walk back down. You will repeat the stations until 15 minutes have elapsed and you have done each station 5 times.

Lunges, Tuck Crunches, Wall Walks, Lunges, Tuck Crunches, Wall Walks, Lunges, Tuck Crunches, Wall Walks, Lunges, Tuck Crunches, Wall Walks, Lunges, Tuck Crunches, Wall Walks, Finished.


Workout #3: 

AMRAP 20 of: 

200m Run 

10 Sit ups

10 Push Ups

20 Mountain Climbers 

This is an AMRAP, “As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible”. You will work for an entire 20 minute interval, going from the 200m run to the sit ups, then the push ups, then the mountain climbers. Ideally you can score over 8 rounds of this, but if you are really moving on the run, 10+ rounds is definitely possible. 


Start there and if you enjoyed what you did, join me in my fitness program to take it a bit further!