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Three ways that I love to recover!




Three of the best ways I like to recover are below. Hope this helps those of you that are sore, have aches and pains, or just feel super inflamed after some hard training sessions.

First and foremost- FOOD.

I like to eat, and eat enough! A lot of people are underfed, and some simple things I like to tell people are to eat your goal bodyweight in grams of protein per day, so if you want to be 180 pounds, eat 180 grams of protein. You could double that in carbs if you are training hard, and take half of that for fats. So 360c/190p/90f. This is SUPER basic, but not a bad place to start. If you need help being told what your macros are, check out Macrostax to get some guidance. Also- drink enough water! 180lb person should drink half body weight in oz, so 90oz of water a day.


Secondly, my PowerDot.

The device is insane. It is wireless and it’ll bluetooth hookup into your phone which is awesome, not to mention it helps with blood flow, or activation, whichever you program it to do, for your specific timeframe and muscle group you put it on. So it’ll help you warm up AND cool down/recover. Pretty incredible. Also the carrying case makes it easy to schlep around.


Lastly, my ice tub.

It sucks, and is awesome all at the same time. I keep it at a warm 34 degrees about, just enough so that I have to break some ice on the surface of the water when I get in. It’s a great way to start my day and wakes my body up, but also helps wash away some of the soreness from the day before. I wouldn’t do it right before a workout, as that would be the opposite of warming up, but to help decrease inflimation it’s a great investment. Just make sure you unplug it before getting in and don’t have the ability to lock it...