Last week I was up at elevation at Tosh and Nicole Carroll’s home, right outside of Boulder, Colorado. When I say at elevation, we were at 8,000 ft- when I walked to my rental car up their driveway, I felt winded, that’s how different it felt than San Diego haha. 

The reason we were there was to raise awareness and money for Tosh’s foundation, Big Fish. They help create programs and trips to really help veterans have something to lean on when times get hard and to prevent veteran suicide. This isn’t just a foundation that throws money at a vet, they actually help get to the root cause of their stress, PTSD, and help to navigate it. Tosh and his team are doing incredible work. 


The challenge was to run 2.5 miles every hour, alternating between single track trail running and a true form runner- until the last person standing. When you finished your run, you could bench press body weight for max reps in that hour window, to accumulate reps. Every 50 reps = 1 point, and every run = 1 run. For me, I knew my knee would blow up, it was just a matter of when. I managed to make it 6 hours before it really started to hurt, and I grinded through another 6 hours to make it 12 hours and 30 miles of running, which is by far the most running I have ever done in a single day. Couple that with 550 Bench press at 175 (I was running light that day..!) I got some good points before I had to pull out. 


The other racers were absolute savages, and went for 25 hours (Isaiah Vidal), 29 Hours (James Hobart), 42 Hours (Mike Long), 43 hours (Brista Mayfield), 50 Hours (Tosh), 62 Hours (Mosi). The winning runner Mosi put in 155 miles and over 100 reps of bench press. James Hobart did 600 reps of bench press. Absolutely insane. I want to give a huge shoutout to everyone that volunteered to help out and keep us fed, and as comfortable as possible while getting after it. Hope I can get involved again in the future. If you’d like to donate- please visit their site! https://www.bigfishfoundation.org/