With my YouTube channel gaining some great traction, I wanted to answer a question and explain in detail which piece of equipment I would choose and why.

Drum roll please… I’d choose the ECHO BIKE, By Rogue. But why? What about strength pieces? Let’s get into it.

For overall health and the ability to get a full body workout, you have to remember that you can use your own bodyweight to do push ups, air squats, lunges, sit ups, flutter kicks, etc, and get a GREAT workout.

But if you have an Echo Bike, you are able to hit multiple metabolic pathways. You can do sprints on the bike, you can do long range pacing work, and even between that you can do intervals of medium duration like 2-5 minutes.

Too turn up the dial even more, to get a super leg pump, you can go no hands, or to get a back and chest pump, just arms!

To work those arms and get a serious pump, I learned from my buddy Dan Bailey, that you can sit behind the bike and just move the pedals with your hands, which will blow your arms up!

The bike is clearly a useful tool and a full body workout, but it’s also bulletproof. Anything Rogue makes is quality, but this thing is top notch. You can build it and tighten down the screw once, and not touch it for a LONG time, with very little maintenance required.

Here are two different style of workouts, that will be great for you to try on an Echo Bike.

Workout 1- Sprint Intervals

Sprint :10 on the bike, every 2 minutes. Recover slowly in between sprints, and try to hold a consistent Watts each time you sprint. Do it for 5 rounds, walk for 5 minutes, and then repeat. This will give you 10 total sprints and 20 minutes total on the bike.

Workout 2- Full Body Creative Workout


Calories on the bike

Sit Ups

and Seconds using only arms sitting behind the bike.

Meaning you do 30 cals, 30 sit ups, and then :30 of moving the pedals with just your arms.

Then 20-20-:20, etc.

Check out the Rogue Echo Bike for more details.

Thanks guys,