When I think of recovery I think of three specific categories: nutrition, warm up/cool down protocols, and tools. So let me break down each one for you guys to think about.


With nutrition, you have a few different points to discuss. I am always a REAL food first type of guy. If you aren’t eating well, from nutritious sources, you won’t be meeting those micro-nutrient goals that help your body stay healthy and fight off being sick, etc. The next thing is to eat ENOUGH. If you don’t eat enough, your food won’t be able to build muscle, repair muscle, fuel muscles, etc. This will leave you beat down and sore!

After food comes supplementation, which I use Xendurance products for. I love the protein and carbs together, my product the Creatine-JB, and the Extreme Endurance. They’re all certified drug free so it is great for any profession.

If you are into tracking food, I use Macrostax for this. It helps tell me how much I should eat, and what I can eat to hit the numbers I need. But at the end of the day, just make sure you are eating high quality foods from the perimeter of the grocery store.

Warm Up/Cool Down:

I use GOWOD to guide me through my warm up protocol, and my cool down protocol. It takes the guess work out of it for me, which I love. Besides that, make sure you are spending some time getting the blood flowing by light movement at the beginning, and then get the blood moving around at the end of your session too, to help yourself feel better going into the next training session.


Using tools to help recover is huge. You can use a lacrosse ball to roll out your feet, or a device like the PowerDot which helps your muscles recover or activate through some crazy voodoo magic..kidding.  It’s a muscle stimulator, and it is incredible and wireless.

You can also use muscle percussion devices such as HyperIce’s Hypervolt too, which is great for digging into spots where a lacrosse ball is hard to reach.

Thanks for hearing me out folks, don’t neglect your recovery!

– JB