Hey guys – I hear a lot of discussion around active recovery. Here are my thoughts on it, and then what I like to do for mine.

Rest is Important

I am sure you all know the person at the gym that can’t stay out of the gym on a rest day. They come in and lay on a foam roller while scrolling through their phone, and eventually get peer pressured (or self-pressured) to do a workout. Maybe they come in to “work on some skills” but next thing you know, they are maxing out their clean and jerk, or going for 30+ attempts at the muscle up. None of these are active recovery, or considered a rest day.

Take Rest Days and Cherish Them

Rest days are one of the biggest catalysts for growth in fitness. It gives your body time to heal, and recover, but also allows your muscles to take what you have put them through, and learn/grow from it.

Active Recovery:

Active Recovery can be simply using your PowerDot or muscle gun, following your GOWOD protocol, or it can be even more exciting by playing a sport, going for a hike, or biking. Although I don’t do it enough, getting out on the trails on my bike is some of the most fun active recovery, as the riding doesn’t thrash my legs, but allows me to move the blood around. Not to mention it takes me far away from the gym, so I’m not tempted to start doing something else. Plus it gets you out into nature, how can you lose with that? What is your favorite active recovery exercise?

– JB