Alright folks, here we go.. 

I think one of the things that has stuck with me the most is, you can’t out-train a bad diet. I’d venture to say that nutrition makes up 70% of whatever your goals are, whether that be to compete better, or look better. Not only will it help there, but it is going to make you feel better after each workout, during each workout, and your overall energy and mood. So here are a few tips to eat a little healthier.

1. Plan Ahead

When you are going grocery shopping, make sure you have a plan of what it is you are going to purchase that week. If you carefully think through what it is you are going to cook, it leaves less wiggle room for you to go off the deep end and buy some last second brownies that you might have eye-balled when you walked into the store. 

2. Shop the Perimeter of the Store

By shopping along the perimeter of the store, you will only expose yourself to fresher and healthier foods, as they don’t last as long because they aren’t full of preservatives and chemicals. Things that have a shelf life, you mostly want to avoid, hence why you stay AWAY from the food on shelves. 

3. Meal Prep Ahead of Time

When you buy in bulk, cook in bulk. You might not need to divide everything into meal containers, but if you do, that makes it that much easier to grab something when you are hungry and make the right decision. If you don’t have an Instapot (CLICK), I’d highly recommend one, as it cooks things like a slow cooker, but at a fraction of the time. I am talking 30 minutes for multiple pounds of chicken thighs, or 10 minutes for rice.. that is huge. 

4. Break Down Each Meal 

I would recommend when you are prepping your meals, try and choose a healthy Fat, Protein, and Carb source for each meal. That way, the fat helps keep you satiated, the protein gives you some energy, and the carbs, some energy/glucose to keep moving along throughout the day. It also helps you learn to eat by feel, so that your ratios of nutrients aren’t wildly off. 

5. Practice Serving Sizes

The last thing I will say to help you guys, is think about using your own body to help measure what you want at each meal. A palmful of protein, one fist of vegetables, one cupped hands of carbs, and one thumb of fat. 


If you already feel like you eat healthy, and want some help with what to cook to change things up, or are someone who likes to count macro’s, check out the app MacroStax. It’s a wildly cool tool that can be used for recipes, tracking food, and reaching your goals.