Eat Well.




Holiday Season is upon us.

To make sure you are staying on track, I have come up with some suggestions to keep yourself eating well while on the road. Please do NOT confuse this with allowing yourself to have some fun. But for those of you that do not want to feel bloated or underfed while on the road, on the days that are not the holiday, then heed the advice given and you should feel better about jet setting. -JB 



The number one thing people struggle with while traveling is their protein intake. After that, they often times don’t eat enough, whether that be timing or that they’d rather not eat poorly so they don’t eat at all.

I’ll approach this a few ways, one for people who like to weigh and measure food, and the other way is for those who just like to eat clean.

Tip 1: Prep meals/snacks ahead. If you have something ready to rock, the airport will be much better for you, as you can pre-determine your snacks, or you can make sure that you have something to tide you over while you fly/drive. My suggestions here are some beef jerky, as it is high in protein, or some of the different bars out there that have clean ingredients but are higher in fat, to help keep you filled up.

If you absolutely have to eat in the airport, look for a Chick-fil-a or something similar, as you can get grilled chicken or a decent salad with meat on it. If you feel the need for the carbs, you have some options as well. For those needing to weigh and measure, most apps have the info pre-loaded.

Tip 2: If you aren’t traveling very far, say under 8 hours of travel, you can pre-make meals with whatever you want in it, and then freeze them ahead of time. When it is time to travel, throw them in a ziplock bag and bring them with you as they will thaw out while you travel, and you’ll get to your next destination with food in hand. It also helps to break these up into Carbs, Fats, and Proteins, then you can mix and match as desired.

Tip 3: Shop the Frozen Foods/Pre Made section of a grocery store. You can get yourself some rice in a bag, microwaveable veggies, and pre-cooked and cut chicken, a little hot sauce and have yourself a nice little meal! Just buy yourself a re-usable pyrex container at the store as well and clean it out between meals to keep yourself from getting sick. When you are done traveling and headed home, donate it to your guests because everyone loves pyrex.

Safe travels folks!