Crossfit Open 2020





Feeling a little apprehensive after the first two weeks of the Open? 

Use the following tips to help yourself stay in the fight and keep improving week after week. 

The open is a long grind, but at the end of the day, it is just a workout.


With each week that passes in the open, Dave throws another challenge at us. Now while each workout is specifically built to find the fittest athletes in the world to bring them out to the CrossFit Games, to most, they are just painful workouts! Here are some things to think about to keep yourself in the fight!

Embrace the Challenge
Remember why you are doing this. If it’s purely to participate in something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone, then embrace each week as a fresh challenge that will never take more than an hour (usually) with warm up and cool down.

Fight for the Payoff
If you put a lofty goal out there for each workout, and hit it, the payoff will be unreal. Nothing feels better than reaching your goal on a workout, which allows you to sleep at night knowing you did good work.

Gut Check
If you get worked by a workout, know that it shows where your fitness is lacking! So each one of these workouts is a nice little checkpoint that comes once a year to test your mettle. By signing up, you commit yourself to showing up for 5 workouts, once a week (when you’d workout anyways), and you get instant results after the test to know where you stand (sometimes on your head of course).

The Community
You get to compete against friends and family, which is a ton of fun. A lot of boxes do intramural competitions, and if you’re in a box that has that, allow yourself to get really involved. You might make meet new friends and make tighter bonds. Nothing’s ever wrong with that!

Marking Progress
You get to compare yourself on the leaderboard from year to year. I always love seeing a repeat workout show up and get the opportunity to show my progress. Not to mention you get to compare your overall standing on the leaderboard from year to year placements.

You’re Never Alone
It truly is for everyone. If you feel disenchanted during the Open because you aren’t at the top of the leaderboard, or on page 2,000, remember that you are getting after it with people just like you around the world. Whether they are old or young, scaled or RX, you can participate. At the end of the day, you just get a little fitter and get closer to being the best version of you.

Keep grinding away folks and let me know what keeps YOU going in the fight!