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Hey Everyone- 

Over the next few weeks I will be giving some insight into the CrossFit open, and some thoughts/techniques to make sure you are performing at your best. 


Below is the link to get 10% off any supplements you may need heading into the open, as I highly suggest the Extreme Endurance by XEndurance. 




Hydration : 

Making sure you are well hydrated throughout the Open is huge. By keeping enough water in your system, you can keep energy levels up avoid cramping, and recover much faster as your body won’t be chronically dehydrated. If you recover faster, the infamous “re-do” can go that much better, but I’ll discuss that more in the next blog. 

Food: This may be totally obvious, but eat the right foods, and time it out! If you are going to be pushing yourself super hard, you will want to have eaten at least 2 hours before the workout, so that your body has had time to digest the food and start to utilize the nutrients. Make sure there is protein in the meal, and think Higher GI carbs such as fruit, to be able to break them down quicker and use them right away. Post Open workout, eat again to replenish glycogen stores, but I’d also have a carb/protein shake right away post workout. Fuel 5 anyone?

Extreme Endurance (PLUG): This is the stuff of legends. Ask most top Games athletes and they are on this product (as well as the Fuel 5). This stuff helps you recover faster and push harder in workouts, by reducing lactic acid, but also increasing your aerobic threshold. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

Warm Up: WARM UP. Get your body going, first I would ride the bike for 5-10 minutes, then I’d start to do general movement and stretching. I’d follow that by specific activations, say KB Swings for Cleans, this is a good example due to the shoulder back and hips being invovled. Then I would start to do light weight of the specific movement, working your way up to the RX weights and a few intervals of reduced reps. That way you can get your heart rate going, let it drop back down for 5 minutes, and then hit the workout with everything you have got the first time! 

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