Should I re-do Open workouts?
There are multiple trains of thought around this, and I figured I’d give everyone the first week to experiment with themselves before I throw my hat into the ring. 
I’d say there are 4 categories to this. There might be more, but I’ll stick to the four:
1. You are a scaled athlete enjoying the community competition
2. You consider CrossFit your “Sport” and compete as RX
3. You are one of the more elite athletes in the sport 
4. You are an average gym goer and dabble with RX but don’t have aspirations to compete
For the scaled athlete, I would say you should solely go by feel. I’d honestly lean towards NOT repeating, but if you feel like you made some grave mistakes that cost you a better score, and you are as competitive as I am, you can re-do and make those adjustments. It could be potentially helpful for you to totally change your strategy here to see what happens and learn something new about what works for you in workouts and what doesn’t.
If you consider CrossFit your sport, I’d say re-do a workout most times. If you absolutely smashed it, you’d probably be surprised to know that you can do even better, just because you now have a launch point for a repeat. This is how you really put up scores that make you proud of your hard work. If you ripped your hands or something that needs to heal before the next Open workout is released, I would NOT re-do though. Any tweaks in the body should be given time off. 
If you are Elite, you know that the Open is now your time to qualify for the games, not just regionals. This means that you are almost always going to re-do, unless you set a top score in the world on your first try. That’s about it here. If you are at this level, you will have your own opinions and support group around you to help guide you here.
If you are an average gym goer that does RX, and are getting after it with your community, this 5 week period is still a time where you are chasing better health and wellness, which is why we workout to begin with. So go in on a Friday night lights, or Saturday morning, and tear it up and pay the man. Then enjoy the beer or whatever you have after, and move on. No need to stress about the leaderboard. This is purely to get you out of your comfort zone once a week, and if you go in with a positive mindset and a “can do” attitude, you will do great on the workout. Be a one and done hero and keep it moving.
Good luck on 20.2 everyone!


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