After the CrossFit Open…


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Now that the CrossFit Open is coming into the final two weeks, it’s time to enjoy what is left and take a mental breather after. Before you throw in the towel, make sure you’re getting all your money’s worth for these last two pain-cave inducing workouts. 

To make sure you optimize the remainder of the open, remember to do the following.

1. Hydrate enough. You need to stay hydrated at a minimum Wednesday through Saturday. This is because you probably won’t hit the workout until Friday, so by staying vigilant about your hydration on Wednesday and Thursday, you’ll be primed for a Friday workout. Then when you’re sore and recovering, a lot of fluids on Saturday will help you feel much better. 

2. Make sure you are eating properly so that you can be fueled for your workouts. If you are going to be lifting heavy on Friday, a little extra carbs Thursday night will be helpful. Make sure to eat a ton post workout as well to recover. 

3. Have a solid attitude! It’s just a workout after all, so you are at least getting a little bit fitter. Remember why you are doing this, and that the Open won’t come around for another year. 

NOW – with that being said, when the Open is over, make sure you REST. It’s a stressful 5 weeks due to the impact it has on your body as we all push past what we thought possible. Once that is done, think about what parts of your fitness needs improvement. 

Were you struggling with pressing movements? Hinging movements? High rep gymnastics? Once you have an idea of where you fell short, make sure to build a roadmap on how you can improve to be better. Maybe incorporate more skills training into your warm ups, or more fatigued pull-up practice, if you struggle to hold onto the pull up bar. You catch my drift. 

After you have rested and assessed, get signed up to train again. Whether that be your current workout programming, or with me and my community here. You need to put your name to something to help keep you accountable so that the improvement happens organically. Make sure to remember this stuff takes time, and health is all about the journey, not about a destination. The Open is just a stop on the destination and a fun check in to see where we can all improve, so don’t let it derail you from all the progress you have made and will continue to make.

Keep kicking ass everyone,