The CrossFit OPEN is officially here! Let’s go folks. Below are my thoughts broken into three categories. 

20.1 is 10 Rounds for Time (15 minute cap):

8 Ground to overhead 95/65

10 Bar Facing Burpees

The Barbell: Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

A. Power Snatch – If you’re a high level athlete with the prerequisite strength, these can and should be a smooth UB set each round. If you’re one of the smaller guys who flies on burpees but the barbell always seems to be a pain, a quick break at 4 will be fine – just make sure you don’t let your barbell bounce around. Brushing your hip on the way down each rep will most likely save your back, and keep your heart rate down a little bit. 

B. Power Clean and Push Press – If the snatch, or cycling a snatch is a pain for you, go with the clean and jerk option. But beware, this might fatigue your triceps a little bit more from pressing, so make sure you’re really using your legs when going overhead. Once again, a quick 4-4 here will probably be your best option, while making sure to brush your hips on the way down between each rep. 

The Burpee: 1-foot, 2-foot

In a workout like this where you’re using your hip energy for the barbell, you want to save it on the burpees as much as possible. If you aren’t an absolute maniac on burpees, I would step out of the bottom of the burpee to save hip energy, and ensure that your feet are close to the barbell when you jump, minimizing extra stepping around. 

When you drop to the ground on the burpee, make sure you let yourself fall as to not spend the energy lowering yourself to the ground. From there, just KEEP MOVING. You will not fail a burpee. 


If your goal is to finish this thing (it should be!), I would stick with the idea of completing a round every :90. It will put you right at 15 minutes (the time cap) and you get some built in rest if you need it. If you think you can go a little faster, maybe go for something like every :75 for 4 rounds, then :90 for 4 rounds, then 2 rounds all out. 

Give it hell everyone!