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Josh Bridges Tips: Repeating CrossFit Open Workouts or Not

Should I re-do Open workouts? There are multiple trains of thought around this, and I figured I'd give everyone the first week to experiment with themselves before I throw my hat into the ring.    I'd say there are 4 categories to this. There might be more, but I'll...

Josh Bridges Tips: My Thoughts on CrossFit Open 20.1

The CrossFit OPEN is officially here! Let's go folks. Below are my thoughts broken into three categories. 20.1 is 10 Rounds for Time (15 minute cap):8 Ground to overhead 95/6510 Bar Facing BurpeesThe Barbell: Slow is smooth and smooth is fastA. Power Snatch - If...

Josh Bridges Tips: How to Strategize for CrossFit Open Workouts

The CrossFit Open is here folks! I am going to tell you how to strategize 2 different styles of workouts, and break them down if I were a beginner, intermediate, or an RX athlete. See if you can apply the strategies to this year's Open workouts.Open 14.4 AMRAP 1460...

Josh Bridges Tips: Preparing For The CrossFit Open

Join the team Shake.   Drink.     Crush. Hey Everyone-  Over the next few weeks I will be giving some insight into the CrossFit open, and some thoughts/techniques to make sure you are performing at your best.    Below is the link to get 10% off any supplements...

My Running Warm Up

How I prep for a run!

How The Military Shaped My CrossFit Career

How The Military Shaped My CrossFit Career

The Story of Good Dudes Coffee

The Story of Good Dudes Coffee

100k YouTube Subscribers!

100k YouTube Subscribers!

Good Dudes Coffee Is HERE!!

Follow alongGrind.   Brew.     Drink.Good Dudes Coffee is HERE! GoodDudesCoffee.com           We are offering four different single-origin blends to start. Three of them are named after Good Dudes, and one Good Dudette! My personal...

Knee Update- Running Once More

JB back on the TrueForm Runner!

The Come Back Starts Now

The Come Back Starts Now

Follow alongtrain. Learn.    apply.Surgery sucks. Plain and simple. But to be able to move forward, occasionally we have to take a step back to progress long-term. The team that worked with me were incredible, and I am super thankful for all the work they did....

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