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Re-Testing Rogue Invitational Chipper!

JB takes on the Rogue Invitational Chipper AGAIN!

Finding Your Perfect Coffee

Find The Best Coffee For You

Josh Bridges x Good Dudes Coffee x Ember

Ember Coffee Mugs x JB

Big Fish – Grit Check Recap

Big Fish Grit Check Recap

Free Workout 5/26/20

Test your physical and mental capacity with this one!

Josh Bridges Podcast Coming Soon Plus A Free Workout!

New Podcast Coming SoonFollow Along Train. Learn.   Apply. Super excited to announce that I will be launching a podcast very soon. I have two episodes recorded with my buddy Mason and I, but will be interviewing others very soon. Is there anyone specific you'd like me...

Here’s A Free Home Workout Everyone Can Do

Hey everyone- while we trudge on working out from home, just remember the important thing is to get SOME type of workout in. It isn't up for debate! You must move your body and pay the man, it is for the best.  Here is a fun one that everyone can do!  FOR TIME: 5...

Keeping Yourself Sane During Quarantine

Train.   Create.  Hey everyone-   Thanks for checking out some of my musings about CrossFit, Military, Training, Friends, etc. It means a lot that you all continuously choose to take this journey with me. Here's to much more content and good times, and all...

New 30 Days Of Dumbbells Program: First Workout Free

Josh Bridges introduces the first workout of his new dumbbell program for those who need to pay the man. Minimal equipment and space? This one’s for you.

Quarantine Workout For Home March 25th 2020

I said it before and I will say it again, keep the gym and your equipment clean, especially during quarantine! Read below - Tips to keep your workout place clean: Although it is tedious, make sure to clean the entire gym, wash your hands, and then after working out,...
Free Home Workout: March 18, 2020

Free Home Workout: March 18, 2020

Weird times out here folks. Hope everyone is staying safe, washing their hands thoroughly, covering their cough/sneeze with their elbow, and keeping their distance from others. The scary thing is you may have this, not show symptoms, but pass it on to those that could...

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Josh Bridges: How to PR Your Olympic Lifts

Josh Bridges: How to PR Your Olympic Lifts

It is frustrating remaining stagnant on your olympic lifts. You feel like you are pulling the weight of the world as you try to dive under the bar to catch a PR snatch, but alas you have been spit out the back. Does this sound like you? Well then, let's look at the...

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Josh Bridges: Most Important Aspects of Recovery

Josh Bridges: Most Important Aspects of Recovery

  When I think of recovery I think of three specific categories: nutrition, warm up/cool down protocols, and tools. So let me break down each one for you guys to think about. Nutrition: With nutrition, you have a few different points to discuss. I am always a...

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