Josh Bridges on How To Climb a Rope More Efficiently

Josh Bridges on How To Climb a Rope More Efficiently

People have asked a ton about the best way to climb a rope - I’d say there are two answers to that. 

If you want to be the most secured with your feet, and to get up the rope almost like a ladder, I would use a full leg wrap, where the dominant leg wraps all the way around the rope, and then the weaker leg pulls the rope up and over the dominant foot and clamps down. Are you locked in and able to use your legs really well? Sure. Is it efficient? Hardly. 

I am a huge fan of using the simple J-hook, for the reason that it is a quick clamp, does a good enough job if you pinch your feet hard, and you spend less time on the rope which is far less fatiguing on your grip. Think about your legs being scissors, which Cooper talks about in the video below, and then clamp the rope with your feet. The rope will be on the insides of your feet, with your legs crossed over (making that scissor shape) and then the rope will be clamped with the weak foot having the rope go across the top, and the strong foot clamping the rope down on top of the weak foot. So if you are a righty like me, the rope goes over your left foot and is stomped on with your right foot. Check out the video below for some visuals! And how to descend the rope even faster!

Happy climbing folks. 


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