Josh Bridges Warm-Up Routine: How To Warm Up Before Exercising

Josh Bridges Warm-Up Routine: How To Warm Up Before Exercising

I have been through quite a lot of injuries from my elbow to my knee. Throughout all of these injuries, I have found the best warm-up routine for me. It is extremely important to make sure you are fully warm and ready to go before you go out there and throw some weight around! When I was younger I didn’t listen to that advice too much. Now that I’m older and have been through my fair share of injuries, I realize how important warming up your body is! 

The Morning Time

The first thing I like to do in the morning is My GoWod Mobility. I will try to hit a good session on their app to get my body prepared for the day. The GoWod app is awesome and takes the effort out of stretching and mobility for me. If you have not signed up for GoWod, I highly recommend you do! Getting your body prepared for the day is key to staying healthy.

Warm Up Time 

After I roll out my body like my hips and legs on a foam roller, I will hop on the Rower or BikeErg. I Try to hit about 3-5 sets of 10 calorie sprints to fire up my central nervous system (CNS). After I do that I will hit my GoWod app again to get a specific warm-up routine for whatever workout I am hitting that day. The Central Nervous System controls most functions of the mind and body. It is key to performing well in the gym!

The Hamstrings

The last thing I do is fire up my hamstrings! I found that if I really warm my hamstrings up it helps with my knees and keeps them healthy. I try to hit about 3 sets of 15 hamstring curls before. My biggest recommendation for a great warm up routine is getting GoWod! Try out my warm up routine and see how it works for you. Check it out in the video below!

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