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Getting tired during your workouts? No idea what you are talking about. 

While this may come across as a plug, as the supplements I am going to recommend to combat your mid workout fatigue are from a company that supports me, I can assure you these are top-notch. If you have any questions, please ask away below and I will do my best to respond. 





Fuel 5/5+ : This is an awesome replacement for typical sports drinks as those aren’t good for you. Fuel 5 has carbohydrates derived from Organic Sweet Potato, Non GMO Corn, two simple sugars and Lactate (which is like a pre broken down carb, which your body prefers). The 5+ has green tea as a caffeine source, 45mg per scoop. 


Protein: The protein has no artificial sweeteners, and is not a concentrate, so it won’t upset your stomach. Made up of 4 different quality proteins, this can be mixed with the carbs for a mid workout boost, or even taken as a pre workout with the carbs to make sure you aren’t hungry during your session. If you are competing, and in-between workouts we all know how hard it is to eat, so great post workout to get you recovering and refuel for the next workout. 


Extreme Endurance: This is the stuff of legends. Ask most top Games athletes and they are on this product (as well as the Fuel 5). This stuff helps you recover faster and push harder in workouts, by reducing lactic acid, but also increasing your aerobic threshold. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. 


Creatine JB: Gotta take that Creatine-JB! This has no crap fillers in it, and is 100% monohydrate. Nice little lemon flavor makes this enjoyable, especially at night time. Don’t take creatine with caffeine as they can counteract each other. This will help replenish ATP stores so the body can keep firing and producing explosive energy. 


My prescription is to be on these 4 products. Mix the protein and 2 scoops of the carbs together in 12 oz of water, and take either before, during, or after workout, depending on situation. Take the creatine and extreme endurance every day, even rest days. 

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