Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 



Q: How do I access my Physical Programming or Mental Preparation accounts?

A: Press the “My Account” Button in the top right of the website. Then sign-in, and press “Access Courses”, click the course you purchased and you are there! 

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes. We are now offering a discount on full-priced monthly subscriptions (early-bird not included) for those actively serving in the Military. Please send photo confirmation of your Military ID to Support@josh-bridges.com to inquire. Thank you!


Q: How long does the Mental Preparation course work?

A: Each Monday a new reading is released, with engagement questions to get you thinking about what it is you need to focus and work on to make sure you are mentally prepared for life’s scenarios.


Q: How long does the Mental Preparation course last?

A: Each phase is a 12-week course followed by a 4-week application period. Totaling 16-weeks.

Q: When does the Mental Preparation course begin?

A: As soon as you enroll, you will have access to the first week of the course.


Q: How long does the Mental Preparation course take per week?

A: People are busy and I understand that, but to stop working on your Mental game makes you stagnant and not operating at full capacity. Keeping that in mind, I made it about 30 minutes a week to read through, think about the questions, and carefully answer them.


Q: What does the Physical programming entail?

A: You get access to three different tracks- Military/LEO, Competition, Fitness.


Q: What does each track consist of?

A:   -Military trains 5 days a week, an hour each time. It is Functional Fitness with a lot of variation to help you with the grind of the career.

      -Competition typically trains 6 days a week, and the sessions last 2 hours. Multiple workouts and strength work throughout the day.

      -Fitness is for those who are short on time. It can be completed in one hour or less as long as you don’t dilly dally. The movements are more accessible for most people and the workouts are scaled down a little bit.

Q: When do you upload the Physical Programming?

A: To help our friends in Australia due to time travel, I upload the following weeks programming Saturday evening/Sunday morning.