Weird times out here folks. Hope everyone is staying safe, washing their hands thoroughly, covering their cough/sneeze with their elbow, and keeping their distance from others. The scary thing is you may have this, not show symptoms, but pass it on to those that could have an issue. Keep that in mind, but also remember to Pay The Man!  A strong immune system is critical in these times.

Tips to keep your workout place clean:

Although it is tedious, make sure to clean the entire gym, wash your hands, and then after working out, clean the whole gym again. If you are working out with someone else, keep a little distance between the two of you, as sweat and spit will for sure be flying around.

Alright, I will get off of my pedestal and deliver the free workout:


100 Dumbbell Lunge Steps (50/35 per hand) or whatever weight you have.

80 AbMat Sit ups (Or regular sit ups)

60 Dumbbell Snatch (30 per arm, alternate each rep – 50/35)

40 Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35 per hand)

20 Wall Walks

IF YOU HAVE NO WEIGHTS – Lunge without them, replace DB Snatch with burpees, and Replace thrusters with air squats. 


– JB