If you are lacking inspiration of something to do for a workout, why not take this one on? Reason being You dictate how much it will hurt. Not that you don’t typically dictate how hard you are going to work, but this is a two part score, so it is fun to hit with a friend or to repeat and compare to yourself. The workout is-


For Time and Total Calories 

5 Minute Max Calorie Row 

30 Devil’s Press 50/35# per hand 

5 Minute Max Calorie Row 


Meaning you can either sell out on the rows, and potentially take a dive on the devil’s presses, meaning your for time piece will suffer, or you can choose a steady pace on the calories and try to move faster throughout the entire workout. Gamble one way or another, but try and win both pieces when you square off against someone else! Go pay the man!