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Hey Everyone, 

Here at Good Dudes, we are thrilled to help guide you to the perfect bag of beans for your specific preferences and brewing style. Read more below about how you can get squared away and start your day off the right way!




For those of you that have supported Good Dudes Coffee thus far- THANK YOU!

It means a lot that you guys have trusted me with your caffeine needs, as coffee is super important to me. I am a snob about it, and I do not apologize for it at all. I love coffee- and I believe it is the best way to take a moment to yourself and start the day off right. 


To help you determine which coffee is the best match for you, we created a little quiz over at Good Dudes: https://gooddudescoffee.com/#finder-quiz-2430


Feel free to take it, and find out which coffee will best suit your brewing style, and flavor profile. If you end up enjoying the bag of coffee, explore the idea of making it an auto-ship, that way you can save 10% per order and remove the headache of having to remember to order! 


My personal favorite as of late, is The Reagan, as I am someone who likes my coffee a little bit more wild- but I still drink it black. I like floral notes, and I am a huge fan of a pour over. 


Just a heads up for those who end up buying, make sure you have a grinder on hand, as we only sell whole bean. It is so that you guys have the freshest, best coffee for your tastebuds. Let me know in the comments below which coffee was best suited for you!