Hey everyone-


Thanks for checking out some of my musings about CrossFit, Military, Training, Friends, etc. It means a lot that you all continuously choose to take this journey with me. Here’s to much more content and good times, and a possible comeback in the near future. -JB 



My time as a Navy SEAL yielded some of the best memories, and hardest times of my life. From nearly drowning and failing out during the swim portion, and subsequently passing, to sniper school and my warped barrel malfunction- I felt some of the highest highs and lowest lows. 


Before I went in, I had been in a rut for years, but thankfully CrossFit pulled me out of it, and my buddy who introduced me to it at the time. It’s funny because many people think that joining the Navy put me into CrossFit, but it was really CrossFit that put me into the SEALs. 


There were a few take aways that I continue to carry close to my heart when I train and compete.

1. I GET to do this. I literally choose to go out and get stronger, faster, etc. It is a choice and I am happy to choose it. 

2. The suffering I do is far less painful than those who are still out in the field, suffering for all of us back home. 

3. Competing is fun. I am literally out there, fans cheering for me, letting my adrenaline fire up and I am doing fitness for time. 

4. When your plan for something in competition or training fails, figure it out. 

5. I have survived worse. All of us have been through tougher things than the workout in front of us, and if we haven’t, grind through until the man is paid and then you have a new threshold. 


Anyways, just some things I think about when I am working out. I hope you guys fnid them useful.