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What’s up everyone! Thank you for coming to check out my new website. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to inquire into what it is I have going on, and the new things I am offering. Very excited to continue to offer physical programming, but the addition of a mental preparation course that progresses in phases is what I have been really working on. Combine that with the physical prep and you will be one well oiled machine!



As you might have heard by now, I have to undergo two knee surgeries on the same knee in February. It will be an obstacle, but I am very confident in my abilities to overcome it and rehab it the right way. In the meantime, and through the recovery period, you will be able to join me here to learn from my past as a former Navy SEAL, get some training in (which I will have to modify for myself when I am on crutches), and follow along with my YouTube channel myself and my buddy Nick from Rove.Media started. Check out the first episode below! Thanks guys. -JB