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What You Get

Unprecedented access and insight into what I have done to accomplish my goals. I will help guide you to a better understanding of your goals, what stands in the way of you getting there, and how we can help you overcome them. You will have weekly assignments to analyze who you are as a person, an application period to implicate what you have learned, and then you will graduate on to the next phase. 

Mental Preparation Course

Starting with a chapter a week for a total of 12 Weeks, followed by a 4 Week application period. 

Week 1 – What is your WHY?

Week 2 – Values

Week 3 to 16 – Become a member to find out more..

Phase 1 of the Mental Preparation Course spends time exploring what you have going on internally. What motivates you? How are you driven? What do you value? These are all questions that will be explored and answered, to help you lean on when times are tough. As you progress along into Phase 2, 3, and beyond, you will begin to apply your learnings more often and eventually help lead others to learn about themselves as well. 

$29.99/Month or $289.99 Annually

Josh’s Physical Programming

4 Programs in 1







Don’t be a soft target. My Military programming is designed to get you in the best shape possible so that any physical test you crush, and any unforeseen circumstance you are prepared for. Years of fitness and being a former Navy SEAL have helped me understand what it takes to be an elite warrior or stay ready in the line of duty for those that are public servants. I also offer the Competitors who follow my Competition program exactly what it took to become a CrossFit Games Athlete. For those with limited equipment or short on time, my Fitness track is available. Lastly, for those who want to become stronger- my Strength Program. You will have access to everything! Do not be the weak link!  

$29.99/Month or $289.99 Annually



You will get access to the Mental Prep program and the 4 in 1 physical programming. Take your mind and body to the next level! This bundle includes everything JB has to offer; with exclusive access to Josh, GOWod Mobility (Annual Members), and the community you will not be dissapointed! Do not miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the best athletes in fitness, and the strongest willed! 

$53.99/Month or $579.99 Annually

30 DAYS OF bodyweight









Strengh & Endurance Program



A La carte


Sometimes life is so hectic that routine does not work for us, and we thrive from the chaos. This would happen in the SEALs a ton, as we trained for the unknown and unknowable. With the A La Carte option, you can buy individual courses from my Mental Preparation program and work through it week by week, and have access to it for an entire year. Miss a few weeks? No worries, it will be here waiting for you. Maybe the schedule is crazy, but do not let your mind go that route too! 

$150.00 per course

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I have been serving in the United States Navy for the past 13 years as a Helicopter Air Crewman and Rescue Swimmer. This career often demands a high degree of physical and mental toughness. Although I would consider myself fit; for the first 6 years of my enlistment there were still areas where I was lacking, particularly cardiovascular endurance and mental preparation. This led to me seeking something that would simultaneously challenge me and better all parts of my fitness and psyche . After  delving into a variety of sports I landed on CrossFit, which seemed to offer the challenge I was looking for. It was only a few months into CrossFit when a fellow veteran introduced me to Josh Bridges program. Now this was what I was looking for. The programming not only offered a comprehensive approach to achieving a high levels of physical fitness, moreover it improved my mental preparation through countless discussions and workouts from Josh. Within a year of JB’s training I qualified for the California CrossFit Regional ,was maxing out my Search and Rescue fitness evaluations and off the cuff ran a 13 mile beach obstacle course for a rescue swimmer competition. None of this would have been possible if I had not devoted myself to JB’s programming. I now embrace any challenge that is put before me, where before I would steer clear of something I wasn’t inherently good. Anything in front of me I now look at it as just another opportunity to challenge myself.

Mason Flynn

Initially starting Josh’s program was tough! He does not play around when it comes to training, which I love as you can tell he is very passionate about what he does. When I began my CrossFit journey, I had the goal in mind of competing somewhere down the road, and I am super glad I joined up with Josh’s competitor programming as it is constantly changing, has nice active recovery pieces in it, and I get to compare scores with Josh occasionally, as he always does the pieces. I scale some pieces occasionally, and it is always nice to see when Josh does the same as even though he is an animal, he is human. I love having a coach that understands that pulling it back sometimes is “OK” and the work can still be done. Since starting under Josh’s program I can swim longer, squat and pull more, my gymnastics have improved, not to mention my aerobic and anaerobic conditioning have gone way up! Love working hard daily!

Josh Cannon

I was looking for a fun program that would be action packed and still be possible within an hour. As a doctor and mother I cannot make it into the gym more than 5 days a week, sometimes less, so I rely on Josh’s fitness program to whoop my butt into shape with the time that I have to spare. It is fun to occasionally link up with my husband who follows the competition track and do similar pieces, but I enjoy having less volume so I can go about all the other things in my life and still feel like I have an abundance of energy. Josh doesn’t forget that people with minimum time still like to olympic lift and get their metcon on in the same hour! This program is fun, to the point, and all inclusive of any fitness level. Very happy with the progress I have made.  

Victoria Quinn


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