It is frustrating remaining stagnant on your olympic lifts. You feel like you are pulling the weight of the world as you try to dive under the bar to catch a PR snatch, but alas you have been spit out the back. Does this sound like you? Well then, let’s look at the following criteria:

1. Are you not “training” enough?

I don’t mean this in the sense that you aren’t working out enough. But too often I see people working at their maxes on a weekly basis, when they shouldn’t even try to touch them for months at a time. Think of daily training, following a solid program, as deposits into your Olympic Lifting Bank Account. When you have built up enough savings, you can spend it on a new PR.

2. Are you mobile enough?

If you aren’t using the GOWOD mobility app by now, you should be. Improving your range of motion will help you to PR, as you will be able to sink lower into the squat, let the bar rest in the correct position overhead, etc.

3. Are you working technique enough?

If you are strong enough, and mobile enough, then maybe it’s time to take the weight down and just. move. better! It is insane what you can learn by using a 65/95# barbell to drill snatch positions. You can break down each piece/pull of the snatch, you can work tempos, or just do a massive amount of good single repetitions.

4. Are you eating enough/drinking enough?

Sometimes when our energy levels are really low, it comes from a lack of food or water. If you aren’t getting the proper nutrition in for your goals, you will never be able to recover and help your CNS feel ready to lift heavy weights. Eat big, lift big!

Focus on the 4 points above if you are struggling to hit a new PR. When the day comes that you are feeling really good, you’ve just gotta go for it. I often PR my lifts when it isn’t planned on the programming, I just feel good and go! Don’t be afraid to do that either.


– JB