5 Facts About Josh Bridges

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1. I am the father of two boys.

They are the reason I don’t half ass things. They are by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. Jack and Knox are like mini versions of me running around with their competitiveness and drive to improve. To be able to help them in baseball, wrestling, golf, and whatever else it is they like to do is the biggest joy in my life. 

2. I am from St. Louis – go Cards!

I grew up on the outskirts of a little tougher area, which helped me to navigate this world, which can be a complicated place. I was always running around playing sports to stay out of trouble, and played everything you can think of. It’s why I am such a huge supporter of sports for kids. My love was for baseball, but I really found myself on the wrestling mat. 


3. I used to be a telemarketer.

This was one of the worst jobs I ever had, and left me in a poor mood all the time. It helped me though because when I felt my lowest, I realized I could accomplish so much more, and that is where CrossFit came into my life. It gave me my health back, and then it led me to exploring what a Navy SEAL was. 


4. I’m a total coffee snob – no apologies.

I love it. I started roasting my first beans when I was deployed and ordered un-roasted beans by accident. This eventually led to the birth of Good Dudes Coffee, which is where you can find me spending most of my time. 

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5. The story of my facial hair.

It came to be in 2016, which was the year after I missed the games. I felt pretty low after not qualifying in 2015, and after pulling myself out of a bit of a slump, I realized that I hadn’t paid the man enough in 2015 and that’s why I didn’t qualify. Admittedly, I kind of lost my mind a bit and didn’t even give myself time to shave or cut my hair, which is why it got so long and wild. But it resulted in me winning the 2016 regional and going back to Carson. So I don’t regret it. While I cut the hair back down, the goatee stays. It gets me going! 

Josh Regionals Dumbbell