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Hey everyone!  While the Open wraps up this week, I figured I would reflect on some of my top CrossFit Games workouts from years past, as that is the next phase of the competition. I know some of you guys probably know a few that I will say, but some may surprise you! Take a look and have fun with the final Open workout!

– JB




No. 1 – Murph

This is an obvious one. With my background in the SEALs, and with Murph being an absolute hero, I came into this workout knowing it had to be me who took the win here. I’d die trying to do it, and it felt so empowering crossing the finish line feeling like I had bestowed honor to the SEALs. Not to mention, this was in 2016, the final year the games were in California, and I hadn’t qualified the year before, so this felt like a huge mental, physical, and emotional win. 

No. 2 – Pull and Push

This was my favorite ever battle/moment from the Games. It was in 2014 where Rich Froning and I were duking it out the entire event, just taking the lead from one another the whole time. When the dust settled though, I managed to pull my sled about 5 feet faster than Rich and jumped up onto the finish line and let out some choice words to show how fired up I was. Rich is one of my favorite people to compete against so it made it that much more wild. 

No. 3 – Naughty Nancy

Nothing like running, man. With normal Nancy, you have 5 rounds of 400m run and 15 OHS at 95/65#. This workout was a 600m run up and around the berm in Carson, and then 15 OHS at 140#. I remember this one because it was something where you just find your groove and keep it moving. Kind of like a ruck, there’s no slowing down. You just keep one foot in front of the other, and move the dirt. I remember having the option to slow down and coast to the finish because I had sealed the win by nearly a minute, but I was feeling strong so I finished strong and was proud of that.

No. 4 – 21-15-9 Complex

Once again Rich and I went head to head on this one and he got the better of me by 10 seconds. It was an awesome workout though that consisted of a complex to reach 21, 15, and then 9. The barbell was 155, and the workout was 8 deadlifts, 7 cleans, and 6 snatches, followed by 8 pull ups, 7 chest to bar, and 6 bar muscle ups. So you were able to flow from one movement right into the next if you timed your kip right. Then in the 15, it was 6-5-4, and the 9 was 4-3-2. I remember holding on some rounds to go from chest to bar directly into bar muscle up and that fired the crowd up.

No. 5 – Heavy 17.5

This workout was a beefed up version of 17.5 from the open, which was 10 rounds of 9 thrusters at 95# and 35 DU. 

The games version was the same thing, but the thrusters were at 135. Running out onto the floor and seeing a sea of barbells, one for each round we were in, was amazing. Rogue Fitness does a hell of a job with the displays they put on for the crowd and this was one of the most badass. 

I wasn’t feeling 100% that entire Games so to win my heat in this one, and feel the love from the crowd when I was feeling pretty low was a huge boost to morale and reminded me to continue fighting regardless of where I was in the standings. I am forever thankful for the crowd support during that week. 

Let me know what your favorite workouts are in the comments!