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Super excited to announce that I will be launching a podcast very soon. I have two episodes recorded with my buddy Mason and I, but will be interviewing others very soon. Is there anyone specific you’d like me to interview? If so, drop a comment below!




Episode 01 of my podcast will be launched in the next few weeks! It is an intro episode to just hear from Mason and I, as Mason will be joining me on the podcast quite a bit. Mason is in the military and trains with me regularly at my house, and is the man. He also writes my strength program if you follow along with my physical programming. 


I have plans to interview people from all different walks of life, and some influential people in my life growing up as well. When it launches, please be on the lookout and subscribe when it does! 


Free Workout:

EMOM: 10/8 Cals on the Echo Bike (or Assault) 


When you finish the cals each minute, get off the bike and do AMRAP Push Ups. Goal is to accumulate 200 Push ups. 


So you would bike 10 cals, get off and do push ups until that minute is up. Get back on the bike and go 10 more cals, and then push ups. Until you accumulate 200.  If you have no bike, run for :30! 


Pay the man folks.