Alright folks, here we go!

It is one of the best times of the year, with the copious amount of delicious food we get to eat, and to hangout with friends and family. If you are not able to hangout with friends or family, maybe from being overseas, we miss you and thank you.

Three points I want to touch on today though for staying on track during the holiday season.

1. Do NOT Beat Yourself Up

If you are someone who trains regularly, eats a pretty well rounded whole foods diet, and tries to keep it clean for a majority of the week, do not, I repeat, do NOT stress out about going overboard on Thanksgiving/Christmas. It’s okay to have some of the delicious pies, or whatever else is laying around. Just don’t make it a month long sugar bender, because that will make you feel terrible. One or two days in November and December? Send it.

2. Eat Your Protein!

If you are at a gathering and want to try and keep some semblance of order in what you eat, and have a major sweet tooth, try and load up on your protein source first, that way you are a bit more full and you are getting one of the macronutrients that is hardest to come by when you are on the road or when it is the holidays in general.

3. Drink Water!

Drinking enough water is a huge thing to remember when traveling or during the holidays. It’s fun to go out and have some drinks, but it is the worst the next day if you are seriously hungover and dehydrated. Drinking water will also help with your energy levels, not feeling sore and tight from travel, and to digest all the great pieces of pie you had. So remember to drink up, because it just might help you keep from getting sick as well!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


– JB