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Hope you guys have had a great start to your week! Wanted to touch base on my boys and what it means to coach them. 



I have said this once before, and I will say it again – being a father is like being inducted into the coolest club of all time. I take so much pride and joy in being the father to my two sons, and all of the lessons that come with raising them.  Just this last week, I got to take them with me to travel home to see my mom in St. Louis and then to the Mayhem Classic. (Big thanks to Hillary and Rich for putting up with the three of us!)

With being their dad, I get the privilege of coaching them in wrestling, and then supporting them through baseball, amongst other sports. Some of my favorite things about this are:

1. Watching them grow from the struggle of trying to figure new things out. Such as pulling their head out in baseball, meaning they aren’t keeping their eye on the ball. When Jack finally learned that keeping his eye on the ball meant he’d have a higher chance of contact, his batting average went way up and the kid was grinning ear to ear.

2. Failure. I love seeing them fail, because they realize that if they didn’t put in the hard work, nothing good will happen, and they will fail. I don’t WANT them to fail, but when they do, they learn and grow from it.

3. My favorite teaching moment thus far was when Knox lost his first wrestling match, and he was crying, but we learned from it. It lead to a look in his eyes when he learned how to properly “shoot-through” that just said “I GOT this” and it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever been a part of.

I hope that I get to help them continue to develop and learn through sport, as it was my favorite past-time growing up. Do any of you have some good stories of helping your children grow? (Assuming you have kids!) Let me know below!

– JB