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As I sit here sipping a cup of Good Dudes Coffee, from a mug that has the technology to keep it set to the perfect temperature, I can’t help but be thankful for the opportunities I have been afforded. But it didn’t always feel like this — there were a lot of times when I was uncomfortable, unhappy, and generally unfulfilled. 


If you look at my pre-military track record, it was a bit jaded. I went to college to wrestle, but ended up dropping out to pursue a career in business. After working jobs in telemarketing and as a loan officer, I found myself out of shape and far from the motivated young man I used to be. Thankfully, one of my friends at the time introduced me to CrossFit and the Navy SEALs.  After that, the rest was history. 


My training to be a Navy SEAL taught me a lot about myself, and to be mentally resilient. For example, a lot of people who drop out of BUDS (the course you enroll in to become a SEAL) consistently look at time as the enemy. “How much longer do I have to suffer?” echoes through the minds of many individuals. While this is one way to look at the task at hand, I always spun it for myself as, “Time doesn’t stop, and this will end.”  This helped me recognize that no matter how much pain I was in at the moment, it would end — time stops for no one. 


This thought helped me recognize that I am capable of so much more than my mind wanted to let on. It’s why I also embrace Ember’s idea of time. Time is fluid, it doesn’t stop moving – and we can choose to embrace the fluidity or resist it. Even a small interruption such as time spent reheating my coffee is less time I have to set myself up for the day or less time to enjoy a few morning moments with my two sons. 


Do yourself a favor and recognize that time doesn’t quit, and neither do you. Once you understand the power of time, in all its forms, the quicker you will be able to use it to your advantage. Protect your time at all costs, and don’t let wasted time hinder you from the progress you are capable of. 


I am Josh Bridges, Father, Business Owner, Former Navy SEAL, and 6x CrossFit Games athlete, and I’ve enjoyed sharing my time with you. 


Link up with me on Instagram @BridgesJ3, FaceBook @JoshBridges, or website GoodDudesCoffee.com or Josh-Bridges.com  


At Home Workout: 

As Many Rounds and Reps Possible in 20 Minutes of:

200M Run (.125 Miles)

20 Push Ups

10 Air Squats

5 Burpees