Hey everyone-


Thanks for checking out some of my musings about CrossFit, Military, Training, Friends, etc. It means a lot that you all continuously choose to take this journey with me. Here’s to much more content and good times, and all of us getting out of the house sometime soon. -JB 



Going on what is for most people week 3 of the social isolation and self-quarantine, I know a lot of people (myself included), have been getting stir crazy. Having a home gym is great, and I am very thankful for it, but man – not being able to utilize the freedoms we are granted on the daily is a bit unnerving! Here are a few things I have been doing to help myself stay busy and motivated to workout during these times.


1. Staying Motivated to Workout

To keep myself excited to workout, when it is easy to get caught up and sit on the couch, I simply need to start moving. Maybe it takes an extra coffee or some of the new Xendurance Focus to get some energy to go, but just write out a little 5-10 minute EMOM of some easy movements and start going! Once you start and begin to break a little sweat, the endorphins will come and you’ll feel so much better than when you started. THEN once you feel better, think about the workout you are going to do. Don’t overwhelm yourself will all of it upfront, just get moving, then get going. 


2. Stay Hydrated

This is just something that is hard to do when you are at home. You can grab another coffee, drink some wine or a beer, etc. But you really need to hydrate! Set a reminder on your phone for every 2 hours to chug 12-20 oz of water. It’ll help you with energy levels, and your immune system. 


3. Get Outside

It has been a bit of an issue with overcrowding in the standard outdoor areas, but try and make some time during off-hours to get outside for at least 15 minutes and move your body. Take the dog for a walk, walk with your family, or just leave the cell phone behind and clear your head. It’ll help a LOT. Getting vitamin D is another way to stay healthy in these trying times.


Three ways to keep yourself accountable and healthy. Get after it folks!