What’s up guys! 

It has been about two weeks since I went under the knife to get this party started that is my knee recovery. I won’t lie, it has been tough. Leading up to the surgery, I squatted a ton to try and get my leg endurance as high as possible before I had to go non-weight bearing. 


Not being able to use both legs and being strapped to crutches sucks. I have to remind myself often that it is part of the process and this is only surgery one of two. Which means I have a long way to go, and the only way to get there is to keep working through the process. 


If I have learned anything from this process, it is to find yourself a team that you trust in when you undergo a surgery like this, as it will make the process much less stressful. Besides that, your family and friends will ideally be there for you and make it a bit more funny when you are hobbling around and riding the Bike Erg with your arms. 



Hope everyone is paying the man and squatting for me while I am out of commission in that realm!