Josh’s Mental Prep Course 



The Mental Preparation Program will be released in phases, each running 16 weeks long.  Mental Preparation and Unbroken Bundle members will gain access to each new course after they complete the previous one.  But individual courses are available for purchase with one year of access!

More individual courses will be available here as they are released. When purchasing an individual course, access will be granted for one year at a time.  


Mental Preparation Course – PHASE 1

Starting with a chapter a week for a total of 12 Weeks, followed by a 4 Week application period. 

Week 1 – What is your WHY?

Week 2 – Values

Week 3 to 16 – Buy the course to find out..

Phase 1 of the Mental Preparation Course is all about recognizing what it is that makes you tick. What do you value? How do you respond to adverse situations? By owning your struggles you can start to recognize where you can improve your mental preparation. Join Josh and other members of the community that have decided to better prepare themselves to take on life. Weekly offerings and engagement questions take roughly 30 minutes of work a week..there is no excuse not to join us! 

$150.00 for one year of access to course


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Josh Bridges, former U.S. Navy SEAL and professional CrossFit athlete, wants to help you be the best version of yourself.  Whether it's strengthening your mind or upgrading your fitness, Josh has a program to meet your needs.  Join today!