Hey everyone –

A lot of what we do in the Mental Prep Course is look into the not so pretty things inside of our head. By looking internally, you can own your shortcomings and then grow from them. Below if a big snippet of one of the weeks assignments.

– JB



“If you wouldn’t do it when your grandmother is looking, you sure as shit better not do it when she isn’t.”

Repeated actions show those surrounding you the character traits you truly value. I am not talking about the traits you wish you displayed, but the ones you are actually made up of. If you were to go away tomorrow, what would those around you say about your character? Hopefully they’d speak highly of you. I know that when I was younger and thought I knew everything about the world, my character would not be something I’d be proud of. After living through my punk years and gaining some wisdom from having an awesome mustache plus a few more life experiences, my character definitely improved (at least I hope so).

This leads us to the engagement questions, which I want you to think about before reading the rest of this, to keep you thinking about these. Still answer them in the comment section after finishing the reading though!

1. What do you present to people as your strongest character traits? How do you know?
2. What kind of teammate are you?
3. What is your ideal top three, character traits? Do they match the ones from question one?
4. Why did you choose those three?

My absolute top three character traits that I try to find in people I surround myself with, and what I try to reflect back on to them are:

1. Integrity
2. Dedication
3. Courageousness

I used to try and get away with anything I could when I was in middle/high school. You name it, I was probably trying to do it and not get caught. This led to my mother……SEE MORE WHEN YOU ENROLL.