The workout: 

Points Available: 100
Location: Tennis Stadium
Saturday evening

For time of:
7 handstand push-ups (deficit for men)
50-foot sled pull
8 deficit handstand push-ups
50-foot sled pull
9 deficit handstand push-ups
50-foot sled pull
10 deficit handstand push-ups
50-foot sled pull

Each round the deficit for the strict handstand push-ups increases. No kipping.

Time Cap: 11 minutes

I was behind Rich the entire time in that Saturday night, under the lights tennis stadium workout. A nasty couplet rightfully named “Push Pull” of Deficit Hand Stand Push Ups, and Sled Pulls. 
Thankfully I do a ton of that in my training, so I knew I’d fair well in the workout, but with the toll of the week starting to build on us, I was hoping I wouldn’t blow out. As I focused in on my pace and running my race, it was hard not to notice when the crowd erupted each time Rich and I ran back to do our handstand push ups. 

It was during the last round I allowed myself to look over and see where I was in relation to him. I noticed that my sled was a few inches ahead of his, and it was like reeling in a big fish. I set the hook and started pulling with everything I had, and before I knew it the crowd was so loud that it felt as if the sled was unweighted. Hitting the timing deck a second before Rich manifested into a total emotional dump, which means one thing, the classic JB war cry. Getting to go heads up with the champ, and one of my best friends was one of the best moments I have ever had competing.