Hey everyone,


Weird times call for extreme measures. For those of you that are stuck at home with minimal equipment, like a pair of Dumbbells, this workout program will be great for you. If you have limited space, and equipment, you’ll definitely want to check this out. Each day includes both Accessory work or Strength work, and then a Metcon to get your heart rate going. 


Day 1 looks like this:


Strength: 3 x 6 DB Front Squat @3211 Tempo. This will light up your back and core, and force you into good squat positions. 






EMOM 21:


10 DB Deadlifts to target back and hamstrings 


10 DB Front Squat to get your core and quads going


10 DB Lunges, to get after the glutes/calves. 




Don’t worry though, holding DBs for a long time will strengthen your grip, and keep your traps and shoulders working meaning the whole body will be working. Aren’t you glad you can pay the man some more? I sure am! 




P.S. Anyone who signs up for the program gets a month of the Mental Prep course for free. Great for remembering your goals in a time like this!