Physical Program


Feb 11-17




You guys are all crushing it. This week I am introducing Fitness in a new format. Making the workouts around 45 minutes, and something people can do with limited equipment or time. This will help those of you that are in the firehouse, out in the field, do not have time that day but need to hit something, etc. Hope you enjoy it.




Monday Feb 11th Military


3 sets

200m hard

600m easy

800m moderate

400m easy

Rest 3 min between

4 sets of Back Squat 

10 reps @70%

As many rounds as possible in

12 min

Add 2 reps each rd

2 burpee pull ups

2 goblet squat 70# kb

4 burpee pull ups

4 goblet squat

6 bpu



8…..and so on for 12 min

Monday Feb 11th Comp

Rest Day

Monday Feb 11th Fitness

Run 2 miles



3 Rounds:

20 Burpees

40 Sit Ups

60 Air Squats


Run 2 miles



Then accumulate 5 minutes in a plank hold from elbows.

Tuesday Feb 12th Military

Front squat

5×5 @80-82%

3 sets

3 rds

10 ttb

10 power cleans 155

Rest 3 min between sets


3 sets not for time

10 reps of db shoulder press each arm

10 lunges holding 55# db overhead each leg and arm

20 sit-ups

Tuesday Feb 12th Comp

5 rds

90′ sled push 220

10 full snatch 185

Bench press

5×5 80%


2 miles at about 85%

Tuesday Feb 12th Fitness


If you have a barbell- work to a challenging 5 reps.


Then EMOM 6:

5 Backsquats at 80% of the 5RM.


If no barbell but Have DB’s or KB’s

5×8 Front Rack Squats, 3 second down, 3 second hold, 3 second up, 3 seconds at top. 





Push Ups

Jumps over Barbell

Pike Push Ups

Wednesday Feb 13th Military


Warm up

50 swim

50 kick

50 pull

100 swim

100 kick

100 pull

50 swim

50 kick

50 pull


Swim a mile

Tread water for

8 min

Full cleans

5×2 @85%

Goal is 50 squat cleans

On the min

Row 150 meters

Remaining min max squat cleans 135

No rest keep repeating until 50 squat cleans

Wednesday Feb 13th Comp

Dumbbell snatch Complex

1 power snatch

2 squat snatch

3 overhead squats with right arm

Then same as above with left arm. 

Work up to heavy and then do 5 sets at that weight for both arms. 

3 hang cleans plus jerk

Work to heavy

Sots press with dumbbell 5 sets

5 presses each side

3 sets

25 Ghd sit-ups

15 ghr


25 mile bike road


12 min Amrap back and forth with partner (open prep)

30 double unders

15 power snatch 75#

Wednesday Feb 13th Fitness

Bike ride for 5 miles



4 Rounds for Time:

30 mountain climbers

20 Box Jumps (Bench works too, or broad jumps)

10 ball slams (wall ball works too)

5 Wall Climbs

Thursday Feb 14th Military

Rest Day

Thursday Feb 14th Comp

20 min Amrap

5 power clean and jerks 185

10 Ttb

Back and forth with a partner (IF no partner, rest 1:1)

50 wall balls

75 dead lifts 185

50 hspu

Thursday Feb 14th Fitness

Rest Day

Friday Feb 15th Military

3 rds for time

1 mile run

40 pull ups





5×5 dead stop


Friday Feb 15th Comp

10 min of muscle ups with partner


Dead stop front squats

Work to a heavy 3

Then 5×3 at 90%

Work to 85% of Split Jerk

then 5×3 at that weight 

8 min Amrap

10 cal bike

5 bench 225

Rest 2 min

8 min Amrap

10 Ghd

5 d-ball cleans 150#

5 sets of lat pull downs

With 2 45’s (strict pull ups of don’t have a lat pull down

Friday Feb 15th Fitness

EMOM 30:

1. 10 Burpees

2. 100m Sprint

3. 20 walking Lunges 


Cool Down: 

1 Mile jog

Saturday Feb 16th Military


4K row

Start with and perform every 3 min

3 thrusters 95#

3 pull ups

Add 3 reps every rd

So start clock perform 3 thrusters 3 pull ups with remaining time of the 3 min row for distance. At 3 min mark perform 6 thrusters 6 pull ups again row for remainder of 3 min for max distance at 6 min perform 9 thrusters 9 pulll ups and row for remaining 3 min and so on until you reach 4K of rowing or you can’t perform the number or reps of thrusters/pull ups in the 3 min

Cool down with a 10 min easy bike

Saturday Feb 16th Comp

Rest Day

Saturday Feb 16th Fitness

Get outisde and hike with a heavy backpack for 45 minutes to an hour.


If you cannot do that:


4 Mile run, every 4 minutes perform 10 Push Ups, 10 Squats, 10 Broad Jumps.

Sunday Feb 17th Military

Rest Day. Get out of the gym!

Sunday Feb 17th Comp

1 hour bike ride

Back squat

Work to today’s 1-RM (Might not be a PR, that is totally fine)

Then 6 min on the min

5 reps at 80% of heavy

15 min Amrap

5 man makers 55# (Push up, row left, row right, Clean, press)

10 strict pull ups

20 cal row

Sunday Feb 17th Fitness

Rest Day