Strength Endurance Program


This training plan includes:

  • 100-day Marathon/Strength program designed for someone who has some experience running (around 10 miles for a long run)
  • 50-day ½ Marathon/Strength program is for someone that has less experience running (around 3-4 miles for a long run)   

Both programs consist of a running and powerlifting progression along with Crossfit workouts in between.


Cardio kills gains… or so they say. I started Crossfit after twelve years of powerlifting. During those twelve years, I had amassed a respectable strength foundation, which included a 600lb squat, 700lb deadlift, and a nearly 500lb bench press. As my transition into Crossfit evolved, I had concerns that I would lose high-end strength potential. This never came to fruition.

I was able to maintain my powerlifting number while increasing my aerobic capacity along with gaining new gymnastic skills. This got me thinking, how far could I push my cardiovascular endurance while maintaining or even gaining strength? So I decided to train for a marathon in conjunction with training Crossfit and powerlifting. Being that I had already run nearly a half marathon, I elected to train for 100 days that would culminate with a personal record Deadlift attempt and a Marathon run. I wrote up a 100-day program designed for someone to run a full marathon while maintaining strength, as well as a 50-day program for a half marathon while maintaining strength.