Tactical Athletic Performance Programming

$29.99 / month

For all the High-Performing Operators in the tactical community, with a focus in special operations.


Jake Labhart and Aaron Dugger of In Extremis Performance join forces with Josh Bridges, CrossFit Games Veteran and former Navy SEAL, to create Specific training for Special Operations members.

Jake, an Army Airborne Infantry veteran, and Aaron a former Power 5 Collegiate Strength Coach have worked with Federal, State, and Local SWAT teams around the country for the past 5 years, building and developing training systems specific to the demands of the special operations community. While Josh has had direct experience in preparing for BUDs and becoming a SEAL during his time in the Navy, in addition to a world class CF athlete.

How does this program differ from other programs?

Through research we identified the most used performance measures in tactics. We then combined unique backgrounds of a doctorate, a master, world class CF, all with years of participating or training special operations units. For a deeper understanding, listen to our approach on this LE Special Operations Podcast.

What to expect?

Work days will be M/T/TH/F, with active recovery days W/S. You will see a focus on speed, power, strength, agility, and obviously capacity, so you can Pay Him! The program will require standard home gym equipment, and will provide substitutions if needed.