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Fit For Fire Monthly

Fit For Fire Monthly

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For those that want to become a firefighter or are a firefighter.

Brendon Trayner is a fire captain in the state of Arizona. His background with functional fitness paired with his years of experience in the fire house helps him guide prospective firemen and women to careers in fire departments all around the country.

With his help, Josh Bridges has tailored his general prepared physical fitness program to a specific program for cadets and current firemen/women.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nicole Nordenstrom
fit for fire program

I really enjoy the variety of workouts I just wish something’s were outlined a little better for the workout of the day. Some days are the same thing which doesn’t make sense to do a 1RM back squat two weeks in a row. I like the grunt work and accessory stuff just wish there was more core work as well! I end up adding my own at the end.

Wes M.

This program is outstanding. The fellas at the station look at my workout routine like I’m an absolute mad man, but on incidents the proof is in the performance. Workouts are NO JOKE and neither is our job, so get your **** out of the tv chair and pay the man before complacency catches up to you.

Benjamín Almagro
Great idea helpness with users

The planning is very well laid out and I feel that I am gradually making progress towards my goals.
The application is very intuitive but you can't find any information about the less common exercises. No one explains them to you if you don't ask in the community chat. Even then, you may not get to know what they are talking about because there is no explanatory reference.
Even if you put in the app in metrics of kilograms and kilometers, it's still going to constantly reference in miles and pounds .
Despite the drawbacks I am very happy with the user experience.

Geir Aspelund
1 week in!

am satisfied, have switched to fit four four to train less gymnastics and technical lifting.
perfect program as you are too old to become a crossfit athlete and just want to be in good shape😀

kenneth thompson
Most well rounded for the job

I have been a firefighter for 22+ years. I found CrossFit 12-13 years ago and fell in love with fitness. I have tried several programs since making my own gym at home. However, Fit for Fire is by far the most geared for the job. There are still CrossFit elements but also much needed grunt style work outs mixed in.