Although my knee is still non weight bearing, that is no excuse not to get some workouts in! Below are a list of my top 5 favorite movements to utilize when using one or two legs is not an option. I am currently up to 127 degrees flexion, which is improvement, but still cannot incorporate my legs into working out, so check it out-

Bench Press: This can be with a barbell, or Dumbbells, Incline, Decline, it doesn’t matter! The special thing about the bench press without legs is that it isolates your chest that much more, due to the fact that I cannot drive through my legs.


Curls: Chase that Arnold pump, need I say more? But seriously- this will help with my strict pulling strength in chin ups/false grip scenarios. 

Press: Strict press, Military Press, whatever you want to call it, this can be done seated, or in an L-sit on the ground. This will help with pressing when I can use my legs, Handstand Push ups, or many other movements that incorporate back and shoulder muscle. 

Seated Ski-Erg: This allows me to pull, and get my heart rate up without having to use my legs, so I can keep my conditioning going. 

Strict Pull Ups: Could be Strict chin over bar, chest to bar, or strict muscle ups. The stronger you get in the strict pulling movements, the better you will get in the kipping movements to follow. 


Hope this gives those of you that aren’t able to use a leg or legs like me currently, some ideas to still get after it!