Back in the 2012 CrossFit games, the final event for the teams was aptly named “The Girls” because each member of the team did one of the original “Girl” workouts, named after a female. The reason why they were named after a female is because they were the only thing that could leave you laying on you back thinking “what the F just happened?” 


The workouts/team members went in this order, and it was a winner take all format: 

Workout #1: Elizabeth (Female 1)


Cleans 135/95#

Ring Dips 


Workout #2: Fran (Female 2) 


Thrusters 95/65#

Pull Ups 


Workout #3: Isabel (Female 3) 

30 Snatches For Time



Workout #4: Grade (Male 1) 

30 Clean and Jerks For Time 



Workout #5: Diane (Male 2) 


Deadlifts 225/155#

Handstand Push Ups 


Workout #6: Karen (Male 3)

150 Wall Balls For Time 


So what did I do? Naturally I put them all together and did them all as one. Check out the video of Dom and I sending it below!

– JB