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*New* Military Athlete Program

*New* Military Athlete Program

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We are excited about our new and improved Military Athlete program. This 4-in-1 program includes my infamous Military Athlete programming, a competitor program formulated for CrossFit athletes, a power hour to crush your workout in 60 minutes AND a strength only plan.

Once you add this program to your cart you will see the additional 3 programs added COMPLETELY FREE and have access to 4 separate programs in your Fitr App! this allows you to choose which program fits your schedule and goals. You are not tied to one path everyday. Pick and choose which makes sense!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kirk Cullen
Awesome program

I’ve used it to prep for HRT selection and I was top 5 in almost every physical event, finished selection felt fresh enough to workout the day after whereas everyone else was wrecked and needed time off.

Using it to prep for the operator course now, love that the new program has warmups included, my only suggestion would be to add a quick note with the intended stimulus for each workout to help scale appropriately.

Power Hour

After reaching out to the JB team it was recommended that I do the Power Hour, since I'm training at a more conventional gym, albeit one that trains high level athletes, not just a bunch of bro-splits. Anyway, I'm having a blast. It's the exact change I needed, and will help me get my conditioning up to snuff to prepare for an upcoming fire/paramedic academy. Only reason I didn't do the Fit For Fire program is because I don't have access to some of the heavy sandbags and other equipment.

Having a blast, and working very hard to get some friends to buy in and start paying the man!

Kim Hartfield
Military Program Review

Absolutely love this program! I am a gym owner and design each of my clients program tailored specifically to them. So when it comes to my time to workout, I’m mentally shot therefore would program just the basics for me to move that day… However Josh’s Military program KICKS MY BUTT! I’m in the best shape of my life and it is also designed in a way that targets every muscle and amazing gut check cardio. It is methodically designed- very well done! I cannot speak more highly of this program, how it is designed each week, the app is easy to use, customer service is prompt and professional. 5 ⭐️!!

Tyrel Harlan
Great programming

The only comment I would add is additional attention to specified weight. Sometimes the weights are really heavy.
Atleast for me.

Mil athlete review

I’ve been using the program to train for the tactical games. Absolutely love it. Best training prep program I’m done. I’m a current LEO and used several different programs before, this is my favorite so far.