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Operation LFG

Operation LFG

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Are you tired of sports-centric and high-volume training that belongs in the past? Look no further Operation LFG (Look & Feel Good) is here! We have crafted the ideal blend of functional movements, isolation techniques, and comprehensive conditioning to meet all your fitness goals.

If your objective is to not only look fit but also be fit, while maintaining the agility of an athlete, our program is tailored just for you. With five days of meticulously curated training sessions, we focus on achieving balance, injecting variety, and ensuring you never feel overtrained, allowing you to sustain your fitness journey indefinitely.

Our approach is rooted in practicality, utilizing movements that make sense for everyone, with minimal emphasis on high-skill exercises that have become obsolete. Join our squad and embark on a fitness journey that promises to make you not just fit but also jacked and strong. It's time to experience a program where form meets function, and where you can train with purpose and longevity. Welcome to a community where fitness is a lifestyle, and the results speak for themselves!

Gear Needed - please keep in mind we have substitutions for anything you don’t have

  • barbell
  • plates
  • dumbbells (some)
  • bench
  • squat rack
  • pull up system
  • dip system
  • bike (not mandatory)
  • rower (not mandatory)
  • sled (not mandatory)
  • sandbag (not mandatory)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
David Barson
LFG is a fantastic program

Hands down one of the best online programs I have ever done. No high skill movements that I can't perform, just pure pain and fun. Absolutely love it and the community is fantastic, everyone is looking out for one another it's great

Paul Baker

Operation LFG

Jesús Belmonte Pérez

It's a very good program.

Rico Kätzmer

Operation LFG

Christian Müller

The LFG program is a good choice if you want to be fit for everyday life.