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Strength Endurance Program

Strength Endurance Program

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This training plan includes:

  • 100-day Marathon/Strength program designed for someone who has some experience running (around 10 miles for a long run)
  • 50-day ½ Marathon/Strength program is for someone that has less experience running (around 3-4 miles for a long run)   

Both programs consist of a running and powerlifting progression along with Crossfit workouts in between.

Cardio kills gains… or so they say. I started Crossfit after twelve years of powerlifting. During those twelve years, I had amassed a respectable strength foundation, which included a 600lb squat, 700lb deadlift, and a nearly 500lb bench press. As my transition into Crossfit evolved, I had concerns that I would lose high-end strength potential. This never came to fruition.

I was able to maintain my powerlifting number while increasing my aerobic capacity along with gaining new gymnastic skills. This got me thinking, how far could I push my cardiovascular endurance while maintaining or even gaining strength? So I decided to train for a marathon in conjunction with training Crossfit and powerlifting. Being that I had already run nearly a half marathon, I elected to train for 100 days that would culminate with a personal record Deadlift attempt and a Marathon run. I wrote up a 100-day program designed for someone to run a full marathon while maintaining strength, as well as a 50-day program for a half marathon while maintaining strength.

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Customer Reviews

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Best combination of Running with Strenght

dean brown
Loving the programming

Great way to get back into fitness if anyone has fallen out of it.

Brilliant from the get go! Will look to try another one of the programmes after this one.

Get into it and don’t think twice!

Pay the man!

Wayne Kern
Very good

Just started it loving it thanks josh

Jim Mowrey
Strength and Endurance Program

Great program! Josh Bridges has put together a phenomenal program to increase strength while also increasing endurance. I used the program to compete in Hyrox events, a half marathon and a 25k mountain race. I was able to run longer distances while still lifting heavy and gaining muscle. Weak legs = Weak minds.

Martin Melisek
Strenght Endurance Program

After 3 months more power,more strenght,more Condition.Great program.