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Tactical Athletic Performance Program Monthly

Tactical Athletic Performance Program Monthly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Danilo Portugal
Great Program for strength and work capacity

I would highly suggest the tactical performance program to people who want to develop greater functional strength. I think it's well-designed to improve muscle capacity, and create some hypertrophy. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I feel like it lacks volume on the conditioning aspect of training. However if your primary goal is to be very functionally strong, it is the perfect program for you!

Jose Hernandez
LEO on a team

Great programming, broken down in segments providing strength and conditions plus accessory work.

the workout allows me to push hard but have enough energy for training days, operations and call outs.

enjoy the emphasis on recovery and warming up.

Mario Alberto Moreno Rojas
Great program!

Useful and fun!

Charles Legg
Overall Great Program

Great program for my current military position. The program allows me to leave a little in the tank on duty days for that urgent time of need

Jon Torres

The program is fantastic. Extremely well written and thought out. One of the best programs I’ve ever followed and that’s with the likes of HWPO, PRVN, Mayhem, CrossFit hype, etc. if you’re looking for a program to enhance your athletic ability and get stronger then I’d recommend this to anyone. Speaking from an athletes point of view.