National Coffee Day

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Class is Back in Session! Good Dudes Coffee and Professor Bridges are taking you back to school today.

COFFEE: You drink it every day so why not learn a little more about it. In today’s lesson, we want to tell you why we only sell whole bean coffee.



We aren’t here to give you bad coffee. We want the freshest coffee possible because we want YOU to taste the best flavor possible! Just like when you peel a piece of fruit, oxygen starts to break down the integrity of the bean right when you grind it. The longer it sits there, the more it breaks down. 

Example: What happens when you cut an apple or peel a banana?
Within minutes the color and taste change. This same thing happens to coffee! Who knows how long oxygen has been eating away at your pre-ground coffee.

Pre-ground coffee makes me mad and should make you mad too! The best way to brew your coffee is to grind the beans right before you brew. Don’t be a bad apple, be a good dude, and buy whole bean coffee. 

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