don’t quit.
 rent is due.

I have used functional fitness to prepare me for life, competition, and the Navy SEALs. Training has brought me great joy, and provided me with some of the biggest obstacles I have had to overcome. Join me on your fitness journey and let’s get fit, together. 

Years of trial and error have helped me learn what works, and what doesn’t. Combine that with multiple different goals, and I believe I offer some of the most all-encompassing programming around. My goal is to keep the program thorough to prepare you to reach your goals, whatever they may be, while still being fun. If you do not enjoy training, you will be less likely to do it, plain and simple. Through the support of myself and the community of members also following along, we will all have your back to make sure you stay focused on your training and not make excuses. Let me hold you accountable so you can become the best version of yourself! 


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Josh Bridges, former U.S. Navy SEAL and professional CrossFit athlete, wants to help you be the best version of yourself.  Whether it's strengthening your mind or upgrading your fitness, Josh has a program to meet your needs.  Join today!